2060 Lavender Bay

Lavender Townhouse

A swift refurbishment and refreshment of the powder room, laundry, and main bathroom in a harbourside townhouse in preparation for guests.  We carefully combined simple, refined finishes arranged in custom layouts to achieve a bespoke, elegant feeling in each space.

Considerately infusing warmth, texture and cosiness to each space we achieved this with a few clever details. In the main bathroom, a striped combination of matte and gloss off-white tiles creates a subtle captivating pattern as light tracks around the room. Lustrous mosaics adorn the laundry splash back to enhance the dark galley area whilst earthy pink tiles add warmth and spirit to the windowless powder room. The refreshed rooms have an effortless, fuss-free elegance and sit softly within the context of the existing house.

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Building by Corvus Primesite
Photography by Natasha Lorenzen