Reducing Renovation Stress: How To Get More Bang For Your Buck

If there is one renovation mantra to be chanted, it would be this: ‘Plan, Plan, Plan’.

Planning ahead saves time, money and stress. That means you can have an enjoyable and satisfying building process from beginning to end.

As an interior designer who specialises in home renovations, a question I’m all too often asked is, ‘can you fix this?’ Which breaks my heart, because it usually means there’s been little or no forward planning.

Planning your renovation ahead, in collaboration with experienced designers and other experts, allows you to foresee potential issues and navigate around them, well before they become a problem. 

Regrettably, most ‘can you fix it?’ owners could have saved precious time, avoided unnecessary stress and spent less money more effectively if only they’d consulted a professional to problem-solve ahead of time.

Don’t leave it till the last minute

It’s never too early to engage professionals and discuss your plans. The power of collaboration should never be underestimated – trade professionals will use their skills to guide you through the entire process and arrive at a better result together than you would have achieved alone.

At the end of the day, we all want an amazing end result that the owners will love living in. 

Smarter planning in collaboration with experienced professionals will help you navigate your often-tricky home renovation project. Once you have your architect, interior designer, builder and landscaper engaged you’re ready to go; they have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the entire process runs smoothly, and without expensive mistakes. 

That’s where using our mantra gets us: By collaborating with experts, you can turn your renovation dreams into reality.

Written By: Mina Staples Interiors |
Published By: Alasker Private Buyers Agents | Blog
Photography By: Brigid Arnott |

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